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  • About
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Cry pto








total supply of unique monkz


Being Enlightened, a powerful new state of mind is unlocked to all Monkz, which will grant Monkz:

The Knowledge of the Enlightened: Alpha incomparable to any other, with on and off chain data analytics dissecting the alpha information each Monk would need to become a blockchain warrior with fierce and intellectual selection of investments of NFTs, cryptos, and liquidity pools

The Tools of the Enlightened: Alpha tools, created and utilized by those who have become Crypto Monkz. These tools will leverage on chain data to create stronger, faster, and more accurate investment decisions.

Access to Ascension: The Ascension DAO format will be unlike any other. With the idea in mind of disrupting the issue all DAOs have, the tragedy of the commons and anti-commons, the feudalistic DAO format will encourage a unique investment and participation method to ensure the success of those involved.

Monkz Specs

// Unique NFT Monkz

Each Crypto Monkz is a distinctive and programmatically generated NFT with over 150 current traits including weapons, expressions, clothing and more. All monks possess incredible features but some are rarer than others.

Monks are stored as ERC-1155 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on 100% onchain.

// Enlightened Alpha

High level alpha group with some of the biggest market movers and influencers in the space.

// Feudalistic DAO

First-ever Feudalistic Dao where we battle for control. The process of feudalistic gamified on-chain combat style election is known as Ascension.


Extensible contracts that include other NFT projects

// Exclusive community

Exclusive community events games and experiences in the metaverse (later V2s will release as playable characters in the Metaverse)

// White list

Gamified white list, you have to earn your access "the hottest NFT project you can't just buy"

// Free mints

Will have some free mints for holders that come together with your monk to increase utility and unlock our governance/utility token $CHI




// Description

Daiko is short for Daikokuten; the Japanese deity of fortune and wealth, the legacy of Daiko is embraced by the members of the faction.

The Daiko are a spiritual class of warriors who are empowered by the belief that fortune favors the prepared and eludes the unprepared.

The Daiko warriors have learned to never embrace defeat and to find a way to bring the pleasures of the mind into existence.

// Mission Statement

Perception is 9/10th of everything. How you are perceived is how you are judged. Old keys won’t open new doors. Break free from the resistance and embrace the future.

// Skills

Branding, Marketing, Business, Sales, Vision, Sponsorships, Collaborations, Merchandising, Training, Motivation

// Corporations

Branding, Merchants

// Description

The ShuHaRi are an excessively disciplined faction of warriors that are under a constant state of improvement.

The ShuHaRi believe in a cult-like mental state seeking mastery and absolute power. Little is known about the history of the ShuHaRi as they tend to operate in the shadows.

The ShuHari are a terrifying yet effective class of monks who have an idolization of survival through ruthless aggression.

// Mission Statement

The world is what you make of it.

// Skills

Trade, Analytics, Engineering, Strategy, Minting, Banking, Hacking, Education

// Corporations

Treasure, Factory

// origin


// Description

Warriors directly descended from a history of power and influence, the Sohei utilize political influence and immense spiritual authority to control the members of their faction.

The Sohei are an influential class of warriors who believe that power is forged in the masses.

// Mission Statement

To connect web3 enthusiasts and help them be more profitable with NFTs and liquidity pools leveraging exclusive alpha and on chain data.

// Skills

Strategic Alliances, Community, Collaborations, Administration, Advertising

// Corporations

Access, Marketing



We are Crypto Monks. A new breed of investor. Wiser. Faster. Stronger. And FREE…

Crypto Monks care more about creating things that last, than losing things that don’t.

Crypto Monks wage war against the pump and dumpers - and win.

Crypto Monks are the diamond hands behind the projects you love.

Crypto Monks believe crypto is the currency of the new economy. Because we don’t just use crypto currency.

We ARE crypto currency.

Crypto Monks understand that behind each trade comes with a risk and a reward & each of those matters.

Crypto Monks see crypto projects as an art form & charts as the canvas.

Crypto Monks combine the digital world of NFT’s with the real world of physical assets and community.

Crypto Monks define their own destiny, create their own luck, and build their own empires. If you ask the MBA’s or look at finance textbooks, they’ll tell you what Crypto Monks are doing is impossible; Yet it’s happening every day.

...I am a

c r y p t o



gamified combat style election

// goal of ascencion

The goal of Ascension is to Disrupt the narrative of the Tragedy of the Commons and the Anti-commons through gamified self-preservation. A feudalistic process driven by the ability to attack each other and remove your opponent's ability to vote and receive rewards. Members of Ascension are competing for the right to manage and govern over the community.

/// executive control over governance

Acting as a temporary board of directors known as Chamber Members, individuals are elected to positions that govern the operation of the treasury for a predetermined length of time giving them executive control over governance.

The process of feudalistic gamified on-chain combat style election is known as Ascension.



Joshua specializes in building online brands. He’s the founder of Canvas Cultures, a print on demand company for artists that has sold over $35 million in delivered art the last four years.

Joshua Tatum // Co-Founder

Patrick is a leading high frequency fund & on chain strategist who’s data science work has been featured at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Previously, Patrick built the world's largest social analytics platform and is currently VP of a company with over $4.5B in revenue

Patrick Gorrell // Co-Founder

Jang specializes in Affiliate Marketing. His last company he built out the front end marketing system for an affiliate offer that was responsible for over $100MM in Sales.

Mathieu Jang // Co-Founder

Malachi is a 19 year old visual artist known for his unique and creative take on pop culture. His works have been featured on ESPN and Complex Magazine and can be found in the homes of many celebrities.

Malachi Wright // Partnered Artist


how to start collecting


Community Development


Mint 3,333 Crypto Monkz as the initial Ascension participants and begin the development of the community.


Launch Alpha Group on Discord for exclusive access.


Free mints for holders that come together with your monk to increase utility.


Ascension Growth & Decentralization


Launch the Ascension for managing the directives of the community and the board of directors.


Launch the Ascension Vault for non Crypto Monkz NFT Projects.


Economies of Scale


Launch the Ascension Corporations.


Launch Product / Marketplace.


Launch The Tools of the Enlightened




Launch the V2 MetaVerse CryptoMonkz with voting and access to accessories; V2’s will only be mintable by V1 CryptoMonkz holders.


crypto monkz